Construction Supervision

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Within schedule, within budget and within quality standards

Construction projects are highly complex processes, which involve the correct combination of numerous actors and activities.


Our Construction Supervision service is designed to help guide your project to completion on time, within budget and in accordance with the quality standards.

We have a highly experienced team with qualified professionals to control the different features of each project, keeping the client informed in a clear and direct way throughout the process.​

Our Works Inspection service includes a defined set of tasks suitable for each particular project.

1.Administrative Procedures

  • Licencing process follow-up

  • Project compatibility check

  • Tender procedures and proposal analysis 

  • Procurement and contract conclusion

2.Work Monitoring

  • Equipment and materials quality control

  • Work execution quality control

  • Technical and legal compliance control

  • Work schedule supervision

  • Testing supervision

3.Finantial Monitoring

  • Work billing review and acceptance 

  • Contractor invoices approval


  • Follow up meetings conduction 

  • On-going decision analysis and clarification


  • Regular reporting with the pinpointing of the relevant key issues 

  • Construction and infrastructures photographic record production and updating

  • Schedule reports - work and financial status - and deviations analysis 

6.Closing Procedures 

  • Provisional acceptance enforcement 

  • Final blueprints approval 

  • Technical complication 

7.On Site Safety Coordination

  • "Abertura de Estaleiro" execution and update , as legally required

  • Analyzing the development and alterations of the safety plan

  • Compliance checking of contractor safety dossier